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Push bike or motor bike? This is the question on everyone’s minds these days in Berlin as inventor Sefan Gulas wizzes through the streets on his eROCKIT. Travelling at a top speed of 80 km per hour, the vehicle – half bike, half motorbike – is not just fast but also very cool.

The “e” stands for electric but the bike comes with a catch – if you don’t pedal you won’t budge an inch. The pedals are the bike’s accelerator and the rider’s pedal power the bike’s fuel: the quicker you pedal the faster you go. It has all the characteristics of a common push bike: from the motion of the pedals to the brakes on the front and rear but have you ever seen anyone overtake a BMW on a bicycle? With the eROCKIT you can because it monitors the effort you make to pedal and multiples it by up to 50 times. Its added value, of course, is that burns only calories, which really makes it a zero-emissions form of transport.

Gulas calls his invention a “transport revolution” and who can blame him – in four years of work he has designed a fast green vehicle that is not only sexy but also healthy. According to the Berlin inventor, this method can be applied to all kinds of vehicles including speed boats and lorries – how much happier would drivers be if they new they could work and work out at the same time?

I’m sold. The bikes, at an on the shelf price of 30,000 euros might take a bit longer.

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20 July 2009, ore 14.56

Sounds incredible. I will start saving now.