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As the temperatures on planet earth rise so does my heartbeat and the world turns a slushy hue of pink. Glaciers melting into puddles, soil turned into sand by droughts, cyclones twisting life off the edges of the earth can mean only one thing: Mother Nature is screaming out for help. Luckily for her (and the rest of womankind) Man is coming to her rescue, and what a man he is! This Prince Charming of the 21st century – dare I call him Father Nature? – has shed the shining armour for more casual gear but his bravery knows no bounds. He travels the world seeking adventures that will tell the world about our Mother’s plight and is willing to risk it all — his life, even — to save our damsel in distress.

This man has been and come back from the Arctic and the Antarctic, he has swum in the world’s coldest seas, sailed across the world’s most dangerous oceans, climbed its most treacherous volcanoes and touched with hand the devastation we have caused to this once pristine planet.

This man is what is sexy about climate change: he has strength and confidence, his face is dashingly, ruggedly handsome, his body sculpted by the elements and his eyes speak straight to the soul. On returning from the remotest corners of the world he does not go into hiding but speaks publicly of his adventures with eloquence and humility. His eagerness to inspire is touching and his charisma unquestioned.

Unlike the world’s scientists, politicians and engineers, Father Nature speaks to us about climate change in a language we can all understand and he asks simple, universal questions that even children have answers to: What do you want the world to look like? What decisions are you going to make to ensure your visions come true?

Just for today, lets share in some girly mischief: bring on Daisy’s hit list of climate change’s sexiest men …

1. Lewis Gordon Pugh.  An environmentalist, swimmer, maritime lawyer and explorer and the man Daisy crowns King Father Nature. Check him out in action at:

2. Borge Ousland.  A Norwegian polar explorer, photographer and writer dubbed by the National Geographic as “legendary” for his bravery. Read all about him here:

3. David de Rothschild.  Is an adventurer, environmentalist and the head of Adventure Ecology, an expedition group raising awareness about climate change. Daisy knows that half of Britain’s women have they’re eyes on him already. To find out why watch him here:

Today, October 15 2009, the blogosphere is taking action against climate change in the only way it can: by writing about it. My message to the world today is this: Brothers, forget about your hairdo’s, this is the way to go. Sisters, sexy as these men are, are we just going to sit and wait to be rescued by them?

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15 October 2009, ore 16.49

Loved that! Thank you Daisy… Now where’s my Eco Prince Charming hiding…